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Risk quantified

1. Illegitimate Certificates

A sample of 270 certificates published on websites was taken. (dd 2015)


  • 8% has been issued by a non-recognized accreditation body. (recognized is an official term and means more or less certified)
  • 3% has been issued by a non-accredited certification body
  • 3% has been issued by a certification body that has lost its accreditation status.
  • for 2% the status was unclear (readability, no data found)
  • 84% does deserve the highest confidence level (based on the current standards and audit practices)

A sample of 270 certificates published on websites was taken. (dd 2015)

Sample criteria:
  • Only valid certificates by date were retained
  • There has been searched through several languages.
    -Certificates were randomly selected throughout the whole search result

  • All certification bodies accredited by an IAF recognized body are included.
  • A certification body accredited by more than one accreditation body is listed more than once
  • The database was extended with the result of internet searches towards certification bodies and not-recognized accreditation bodies.

2. Certification bodies status risk.

In 2015 a database of certification bodies and accreditation bodes all over the world was set up.


Of the certification bodies:  

  • 5% isn't legitimate. Not in the IAF chain. There is no guarantee/audit on their competence,  impartiality etc.
    • Remark:
      - Withdrawal of accreditation status in the not recognized accreditation body chain  wasn't detected.
      - Accreditation for all sectors is often given, including the medical sector !.
  • 1% is not accredited at all.
  • 3% the accreditation status was withdrawn.
    • Remark: Some accreditation bodies do give a reason others don’t.



  • The number of accreditation bodies "not recognized" has grown with 60% over the last two years.
  • These  not recognized  AB's are mainly situated in the UK and USA  respectively 13 and 7 accreditation bodies.
  • Some  try to impress you and add IAF accredited certification  bodies to their list and/or refers to not existing certification websites.
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