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AB - Accreditation Body

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Ensure that the practices of Certification Bodies
are acceptable.

They ensure that a Certification body

  • is impartial and competent to certify organizations
  • behave ethically
  • comply with ISO 17021 requirements
  • comply with the mandatory rules of IAF and the AB's rules  *
Participate in the peer evaluation audit
of other Accreditation bodies *

*!  issues that makes 'the' difference for an IAF recognized body.


The authority of an accreditation body is generally derived from governmental status and are recognized by IAF   Accreditation bodies with MLA accept each other certificates.
AB structure

Ta AB is assisted by a committee of interested parties. This committee is balanced with no single party predominating.
The committee:

  • expresses their needs and expectations (customer satisfaction)
  • provides advice to improve the value and effectiveness of certification.
The feedback can result  in additional  requirements for accreditation e.g.: 
  • updating the AB database list of certified organizations
  • prohibition to issue non-accredited certificates
  • obligation to use the AB logo and/or IAF logo on a certificate

Work flow

In general the assessment process to become an accredited body is similar to that for obtaining a certificate.
  • Application for accreditation : Agreement - contract
  • Pre assessment: Scope , Document and record review
  • On-site assessment against the standard and applicable mandatory documents
  • Correction and corrective actions
  • Decision-making and granting accreditation -including appeals and complaints
  • Re-assessment and surveillance - including: witnessing of CB's auditing their clients  - Suspending, withdrawing of the accreditation, reducing/extending the accreditation scope.


An accreditation body is a governmental organization and in principle a non-profit organization. This doesn't mean that may not charge for their service.

Sometimes  financial reports can be found on their website e.g.  UKAS RVA

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