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Conduct impartial, competent and
consistent certification assessments
resulting in a credible certificate.

As stated in the standard 17021 this also implies:

  • Openness: to provide public access to, or disclosure of, appropriate information
  • Responsiveness to complaints: Parties that rely on certification  can issue a complaint to a certification  about a certified organization and expect to have the complaint investigated.


A certification body can be accredited by one or more accreditation bodies (countries) which are recognized or not. (free market)

The confidence in a certificate varies of course with the operating chain (see picture).

AB structure
 The standard, ISO17021 requires that a certification body  identifies and implement  structures for ensuring:
  • impartiality, and being perceived to be impartial (finances, outsourced services , ... ),
  • adequate resources (expertise, competent, geographical, type of certification, sectors)

An interesting issue in the standard is that a certification body need to do a risk assessment with interested parties to advice on matters of openness and public perception.

The decision of granting  a certificate  is taken by an independent board /group of persons based on sufficient objective evidence (the audit report)

Work flow

In general the assessment process to become certified is:
  • Application for certification: Agreement/contract
  • Assignment of  a qualified auditor(s)
  • Pre assessment: (stage1)
    • Opening meeting:
      • providing information about: audit process, corrective  action,  appeals , complaints of ISO certified organizations , granting/suspending,/withdrawing of a certificate ,
    • Review of : scope, document and record.
    • Report and Corrective action request
    • Audit planning (stage2)
  • On-site assessment against the standard  (stage2)
    • Verify the organization response to the corrective action requests
    • Conduct the audit as planned
    • Close-out meeting to ensure that the auditee understands the findings (it doesn't mean agreed!!)
    • Conclusion: recommendation for certification
    • Report and Corrective action request
    • Re-assessment  audit plan
  • Evaluation of the organization response to the corrective action requests
  • Decision-making and granting certification
    • Appeals against the decision
  • Re-assessment and surveillance audits


Financial data can be found as required by national regulations

Financial issues (payment of fees , balance , ...), can lead to a suspension or withdrawal of the accreditation as it is as a threat for impartiality.


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