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ISO: International Organization for Standardization

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“ISO “ is derived from the Greek “isos”, meaning equal. With that abbreviation languages issues are avoided


ISO was founded in 1947 with the idea of answering a fundamental question: “what's the best way of doing this?”
The answer :

Bring together experts , share knowledge and
develop market relevant International Standards
for facilitating international trade

Facilitating international trade  implies that you will not find any barrier, limitations or exclusivity in an ISO standard.

Standards are knowledge!


ISO is a voluntary organization of  the  national standards organizations of 162 countries (one per country.)

AB structure

The work “what's the best way of doing this?” is assigned to one of the ±300 Technical Committees. ISO and the national standards organization, searches for interested experts in their network/members and delegates them to the Technical Committee.

Cooperation with IAF, World Trade Organization and numerous consumer organizations, sector associations, academia, NGOs  strengthens the ISO organization.

Work flow

Each standard goes through a number of formal process stages before it’s being published as an ISO standard.

The first stage is the proposal stage in which a need for a standard is determined and members/experts are identified who are willing to work on it.

A final draft is established trough drafts, amendments and reviews .

The final draft (FDIS) becomes an ISO standard when 75% of the national standards organizations agrees.


  • Subscriptions from national member bodies(±55%)
  • Sale of standards. (±35%)
  • Restricted funds received for specific projects (±10%)

Revenue 2017 (p.62): ±42 000 kUSD - ISO has special regulations for and supports low income economy nations

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